Carbon Fiber Sizing and Finish Coatings on Carbon Fibers

During the final stages of production, a protective layer — carbon fiber sizing — is applied to the fiber to prevent damage during handling, weaving and processing. Carbon fibers are commonly chosen in place of glass fibers because of their innate low density, high strength, and ability to withstand an array of chemical elements. The right sizing for carbon fiber must be selected based on several criteria to minimize breakage and defect rate and to maximize speed and efficiency.

Since the process requires precise and controlled heat levels, Glenro designs unique carbon fiber sizing heat process systems to give our clients the highest level of control over the sizing process. We also design systems to dry finish coatings on carbon fiber tows. The finish coating is a boundary between the matrix and the filler and plays an integral role in the final characteristics of the composite. The finish coating on carbon fiber helps fill in defects, enhance strength, protect the fiber from damage, and provides essential water-resistance and heat-resistance.

Selecting the right carbon fiber sizing and finish coating is highly dependent on the individual application. As a result, we work with each client to design the best solution. Glenro has successfully designed and installed several different types of industrial process dryers including infrared, hot air, as well as systems that combine both of these heating technologies. Glenro also has experience using our Flatbed Lamination Technology to apply films and thermally activate yarns combined with carbon fibers. We understand that some carbon fiber tows require “quiet”, non-contact heat, whereas others are not quite so sensitive to the touch. Our machine designs accommodate both high and low tension applications so we can control the final shape of the dried carbon fiber tow. Glenro has established machine designs ranging from 5 meters wide to less than 12 inches wide to satisfy process criteria at a high level of performance.

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