Bench Model Dip Coating & Drying Systems

Bench Model Dip Coating & Drying Systems

Glenro Bench Model Dip Coaters provide controlled immersion and withdrawal speeds of printed circuit boards into and out of a tank filled with conformal coating. The compact size and low-cost of the system make it ideal for short runs and laboratories.

The conformal coating gets under the components, not just on top, for high quality encapsulation. The coating thickness can be easily controlled by adjusting the withdrawal rate and the viscosity of the coating. A recirculation-filtration system to keep dust and other foreign materials out of the coating is available. Glenro bench model dip coaters are designed for lower volume applications where larger, automated coating systems are not economically justified.

Conveyorized Dip Station and Control - The conveyor consists of a direct drive, variable speed motor and roller chain conveyor with a stainless steel cross bar. Two different models are available:

  • Constant Immersion and Withdrawal Speed
  • Independent Immersion and Withdrawal Speeds with Dwell Timer

Dip Tank - The dip tank is constructed of 304 stainless steel. The slanted top design prevents the parts from rubbing against the sides when withdrawn. Inlet and outlet connections for the recirculation-filtration system are provided. A dip tank cover, designed to keep the contents of the tank clean and retard evaporation, is also available.

Work Table - The top of the work table is constructed of stainless steel. The table has a tubular steel frame, legs and castors to allow easy movement, and an opening to insert the dip tank.

Bench Model Infrared Dryer

Glenro's carousel conveyorized infrared system dries conformal coatings on printed circuit boards. The infrared heat offers high speed, uniform drying of coatings. The compact size makes it ideal for use with the bench model dip coaters inside laboratories, or for short runs and small job-shop applications. Easy to use and reliable controls enable you to set the right combination of conveyor speed and heater temperature for each job.

The infrared dryer is easy to use and can be operated by one person. The operator simply takes the printed circuit boards from the coating station and hangs them on the conveyor. The conveyor carries the product through the dryer at a controlled rate. The coating on both sides dries at the same time.

Glenro uses our Radplane® Series 36 ceramic face infrared heaters in the heating section of the Bench Model Infrared Dryer to dry the conformal coatings by non-contact radiation heat transfer. Zoned temperature control and a thermocouple feedback loop deliver precise temperature control to prevent overheating.