Conformal Dip Coating Machines

Conformal Dip Coating Machines

Glenro designs and manufacturers conformal dip coating equipment for the printed circuit board industry. The product line includes standard bench model equipment and fully automated machines.

The automated equipment line features standard machines, as well as custom designed units that feature alternative coating and/or drying techniques. Whether you are processing 2-part, acrylic, silicone, polyurethane or 100% solids UV based conformal coatings; Glenro has Proven Solutions® that are right for your application.

System Benefits

  • Single Operator
  • Reduced Product Handling
  • Repeatable, High-quality Coating Application
  • Uniform Drying
  • High Through-put
  • Bench Model Dip Coating & Drying Systems

    Bench Model Dip Coating & Drying Systems

    Glenro Bench Model Dip Coaters provide controlled immersion and withdrawal speeds of printed circuit boards into and out of a tank filled with conformal coating.

  • Standard Automated Dip Coating & Drying Systems

    Standard Automated Dip Coating & Drying Systems

    Glenro designs and manufactures conveyorized machines that vertically dip coat and submerge printed circuit boards into protective conformal coatings and then dry the coatings.

  • Custom Conformal Coating Machines

    Custom Conformal Coating Machines

    If one of our standard conformal coating machines (models 4124 and 4246) does not meet your needs, Glenro can design and manufacture a custom conformal coating machine for your application.