Continuous Product Testing Facility

Our doors and laboratory are always open to our customers. The continuous product testing facility and its personnel will work with you to develop and evaluate product and process information with respect to:

  • Product and Process Development
  • Determining Heat Processing Production Equipment Requirements
  • Evaluating the Performance of Coatings and Substrates
  • Solving Production Problems
  • Trial Run Test Marketing
  • Testing New Ideas

About the Facility

  • Physically model the customer’s process
  • Fiddle with the variables
  • Evaluate the results

With the use of:

  • Computer Aided Design Tools
  • Advanced Coating & Material Handling Equipment
  • Radiation, Convection & Conduction Heat Transfer
  • Automatic Feedback Process Controls
  • Horizontal, Arched & Vertical Configurations



Material Handling & Specifications

  • Unwind
  • Multi-functional Pilot Coater
  • Rewind
  • Heated/Cooled S-Wrap
  • Rubber to Steel Laminator Rolls
  • Secondary Unwind
  • Secondary Rewind

Material Specifications

Pilot Testing Line Roll Diameter Roll Width Core Size Line Speed Range Product Support Options
Horizontal 24” 22” 3” or 6” 1 to 400 fpm Unsupported
          Idler Roll
          Fixed Bar
          Conveyor Belt
Vertical 24” 12” 3” or 6” 1 to 36 ipm Unsupported
        1 to 85 fpm Multiple Pass


Shipping Information

Material safety data sheets must be provided to Glenro prior to shipping materials to our lab facilities. Please advise us prior to the lab test of any special handling techniques or devices that may be necessary for the lab test.

The shipping address for all equipment and materials is:

Glenro, Inc.
Attention: Application Laboratory
39 McBride Avenue Extension
Paterson, NJ 07501

All test materials and equipment will be returned to the customer’s plant following the completion of the test – F.O.B. Paterson, NJ. Glenro does not have the necessary permits to dispose of used test materials. To help us in our efforts to obey the current laws regarding transportation and disposal, we ask that our customers provide us with plant or designated destination. This may include proper DOT labeling, attached MSDS sheets and shipping or receiving sheets, and shipping or receiving authorization for return shipment.

All shipping and disposal costs to be borne by customer.

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Coating Techniques

  • Reverse Roll
  • Mayer Rod
  • Direct Gravure
  • Three Roll Differential
  • Offset Gravure
  • Web to Web Laminating
  • Knife over Plate

Typical Coating Types

  • Waterborne
  • Latex
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • Overprint
  • High Solids
  • Vinyl
  • Barrier
  • Fluoropolymer
  • Silicone Release
  • Heat seal
  • Solvent Based

Flexibility and precision characterize the pilot line coater. It maintains coating thickness to ±0.1mil for a wide variety of coatings.

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Process Heating Technologies

  • Radiation
  • Infrared/Ambient Air Impingement
  • Convection
  • Infrared/Hot Air Impingement
  • Conduction
  • Infrared/Conduction

The testing facility is designed to demonstrate different ways of applying energy to a product. The flexibility of the equipment enables our engineers to be tremendously creative in developing solutions to drying, curing and product heating applications.

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Process Control

Successful manufacturing demands reliable and repeatable process control. One aspect of testing at Glenro is to determine the type of temperature and power control equipment that best fits the performance criteria you desire.

  • Coating Application Control
  • Line Speed Control
  • Product Temperature Measurement & Feedback Control
  • Heater Temperature Measurement & Feedback Control
  • Air Temperature Measurement & Feedback Control
  • Zone Control In Machine Direction
  • Zone Control Across Machine Direction

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Test Results, Reporting & Performance Guarantees

Product trial run data are recorded for your information and to assist our lab personnel and sales engineers as they evaluate your process requirements with respect to the results achieved.

The results of product testing with Glenro provide the required information to successfully scale the pilot line performance to fit the production criteria our customers specify.

Performance Guarantee

Testing a process and products with Glenro comes with great benefit. Equipment designed and purchased as a result of product testing in our facilities can be supported with a performance guarantee in accordance with the specifications that define the expected performance of the new equipment installation. We consider this approach a win-win situation because we can rest assured that our equipment will perform after conducting and witnessing successful trial results and our customers can be confident that they have minimized the risk of their investment.

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Engineering & Research Services

Glenro, Inc. is pleased to offer the following engineering and research services to assist customers in product and process development.

Feasibility Check
Quickly demonstrate potential benefits of heat transfer equipment or to determine process feasibility and whether additional testing is warranted. No fees are associated with these quick studies.

Process Investigation
Study a process in depth involving investigation of various factors to determine optimum process conditions. Copies of test data and summarizing report will be submitted. Minimum Duration: 1 Day

Engineering Development
Investigate and develop new methods of heat processing or to custom design specialized equipment requiring knowledge of heat transfer technology.
Minimum Duration: 1 Day

In-Plant Testing
Conduct a test in the customer’s plant under supervision of Glenro personnel. Per Diem rates apply, in addition to reasonable travel and living expenses.

Associated Fees & Contact Information
Consult with a Glenro sales engineer or contact the laboratory directly to discuss the associated fee schedule for any services rendered.

Application Laboratory Hours:   8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday
Telephone:   (973) 279 -5900

Also note customer representatives must be covered by workmen’s compensation provided by their company while working, supervising or helping in Glenro laboratories.

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