Curing Silicone Fabric and Sintering PTFE Coated Fabric

Curing silicone fabric gives it strength, extreme heat resistance and water-repellent properties. The design of Glenro silicone fabric curing systems helps clients consistently produce quality end products servicing many industries and consumer needs. As a strong, waterproof composite, silicone cured fabric can be found in finished goods like roofing membranes, outdoor gear and surgical gowns.

Glenro offers a broad range of heat treatment systems to satisfy the rigors of silicone curing applications. Coated fabric infrared systems are typically zoned in machine direction to effectively gel the applied coating prior to final cure. The width of the coated fabric also dictates whether zoning is required across machine direction. For this application, we pay particular attention to the overall construction of the system and make sure it is properly ventilated and functions as a 100% capture device while in operation. Please contact us to discuss your application needs. Whether a process improvement or new system is under consideration, Glenro has the process experience and heating technologies to help you reliably produce your products and optimize profitability.

In addition to systems that cure silicone coated fabric, Glenro also specializes in drying and sintering PTFE coatings on fabrics. The sintering process enables a layer of fluoropolymer to be applied to industrial fabric, endowing the fabric with uniform thickness, durability and high heat-resistance. Our heating technologies and process experience benefit many mechanical, electrical, building construction and chemical applications. Technical textile applications including protective clothing, architectural applications including roofing material, and other manufacturing applications including conveyor belting and cooking sheets are common end products Glenro helps manufacture with its PTFE heat processing equipment designs.

To learn more about curing silicone and PTFE coated fabrics, please contact Glenro for more information. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet our client’s individual specifications.

Why Glenro?

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