Emerging Market Proven Solutions®

Many product manufacturers find themselves on the forefront of developing new products, green technologies and moving into market areas they never dreamed of being a part, like alternative energy. Glenro has committed its personnel and its facilities to stay abreast of these new product developments and has helped many manufacturers successfully venture into these emerging markets. Below is a sample listing of our involvement in growing technologies and market areas that will shape our future.

Alternative Energy


  • Anneal solar panels to increase their operating efficiency


  • Dry finishes on fiberglass and carbon fiber tows in the construction of turbine
    and windmill blades


  • Reduce the residual moisture content of manure after methane (biogas) extraction on digester lines. End uses for this product can be fertilizer, soil amendment or bedding.

Fuel Cells

  • Laminate carbon materials to films


Glenro's presence in the technical textile market has been long standing and continues to grow as traditional textile heat processing applications make way for the development of technical textile products. Products Glenro has helped to manufacture range from automotive applications, medical textiles, geo-textiles and protective clothing.

Protective Clothing

  • Dry/Cure resin impregnated fibers in the formation of bullet-proof clothing
  • Laminate films to oriented aramid fibers for body armor

"Green" Foam

  • Consolidate eco-friendly synthetic and natural fibers to replace polymer-based foam


  • Laminate multi-layers of nonwovens and membranes for use in industrial, residential and medical filtration applications


  • Process heating of geo-textiles for water and land management applications