Through Air Dryers & Ovens

Through-air dryers remove water or solvents from air-permeable products by uniformly transporting heated air through the entire thickness of the product. This technique creates exceptionally high heat transfer rates. Through-air design is ideal for rapid drying of porous products such as nonwovens, fabrics and fibers. Through-air is also a good choice for curing, heatsetting or thermal bonding similar products.

Dryer Design Considerations

  • Horizontal
  • Fixed or Rotating Product Support Rolls
  • Self-supported Product or Conveyorized
  • Deckles
  • Double Wall Insulated Steel Construction
  • Prepackaged, Skid Mounted Heating Apparatus
  • Clamshell Access, Screw Jack Access or Access Doors
  • Product Threading, Motorized or Manual
  • Constant or Variable Volume Control
  • Process Temperature Control
  • CE, CSA, CUL, FM, IRI, UL Approved Designs


System Illustrations

Dry and Thermal Bond Nonwovens
These through-air systems dry and thermal bond nonwovens.

  • Bonding Oven Length: 9 (2.7 m)
  • Heat Source: Electric
  • Bonding Air Temperature: 700F (370C)
  • Line Speed Range: 1 - 40 fpm (0.3 - 12 mpm)
  • Product Support: Conveyor
  • Product Width: 12 (30 cm)





Thermal Bond Particles
Thermal bond heat activated particles prior to lamination. This system integrated infrared energy to improve overall performance. The oven features full access and product conveyor support.

  • Bonding Oven Length: 9 (2.7 m)
  • Heat Source: Electric
  • Bonding Air Temperature: Line Speed Range: 3 - 30 fpm (1 - 9 mpm)
  • Product Support: Conveyor
  • Product Width: 26 (10 cm)



Dry Carbon Fibers
Continuous processing of carbon fiber tows. This system was delivered prepackaged and assembled.

  • Dryer Length: 8 (2.4 m)
  • Heat Source: Electric
  • Air Temperature: 338F (170C)
  • Line Speed: 30 fpm (9 mpm)
  • Product Support: Externally supported
  • Product Width: 142 (56 cm)



Preheat Sheets
Preheat synthetic and natural fiber blended sheets prior to thermal forming.

  • Heat Source: Natural Gas
  • Air Temperature: 450F (232C)
  • Product Support: Open Mesh Tray
  • Product Size: 64 x 60 (25 cm x 24 cm)