Engineered Hot Air Industrial Dryers & Ovens

Engineered Hot Air Industrial Dryers & Ovens

Increased performance can be expected from Glenro engineered hot air system designs. Glenro designs are innovative and cost effective. Combined with our expertise in the integration of multiple energy sources, your investment in our creativity will result in a very attractive return of increased throughput and consistent quality product.

Whether you process coated webs, fabrics, parts or other products, Glenro can design, engineer and manufacture Proven Solutions® for your process heating application which will outperform other conventional industrial heating systems.


  Convection System Designs

  • Impingement
    • Single Side
    • Dual Side
    • Horizontal, Vertical or Arched
    • Conveyorized
  • Flotation
    • Low Tension
    • High Tension
  • Through-Air
  • Counter Flow
  • Batch

    Heating Methods

  • Electric
  • Natural Gas
  • Steam
  • Fuel Oil
  • Hot Water
  • Heat Recovery

    Integrating Technologies

  • Radiation & Convection
  • Convection & Conduction
  • Radiation & Convection & Conduction


  • Impingement Dryers & Ovens

    Impingement Dryers & Ovens

    Glenro offers the process experience, engineering capabilities and testing facilities to maximize impingement dryer performance.

  • Flotation Dryers & Ovens

    Flotation Dryers & Ovens

    Whether you require a low tension design or a high tension design, Glenro flotation dryers will properly support your product and perform to specifications.

  • Through Air Dryers & Ovens

    Through Air Dryers & Ovens

    Glenro is expert at horizontal through air system design. Work with us to discover the advantages of these designs over more expensive, drum type systems.

  • Additional Equipment Designs

    Additional Equipment Designs

    Glenro designs are application specific. Take a look at some other equipment solutions successfully in operation.