Heaters and Coolers for Flatbed Laminators

All Glenro flatbed laminators have adjustable pressure control providing more or less force to the laminate using ConductaPlane™ or Silcurv™ heating technologies.


Glenro's Conductaplane™ heating modules are made from continuous hard-coat anodized extruded aluminum. A zoned silicone heater provides the required energy. Adjustable pressure allows you to fine-tune the laminating system depending on the materials being run. This eliminates air gaps in the laminating process for excellent bond strength.

Conductaplane™ heating modules are zoned across machine direction to provide exceptional process control of product temperatures across their width.









Silcurv™ heating modules, with their slight convex radius, above and below the belt bend the process into a sine wave shape when viewed from the side. By pressing the process into this wave pattern, you get complete contact between the process and the heat source. That means no air gaps, excellent heat transfer, faster processing, and better finished product quality.

  • Silcurv™ provides the latest technology for energy transfer efficiency.
  • Directional and uniform heat transfer for laminating and fusing applications.
  • Thermocouple sensors are bonded within the silicone rubber for real-time accurate process temperature readings.
  • Heating modules are extruded from a special alloy for rapid heat transfer.
  • Hard anodizing of heating module extrusions provide for the longest resistance to belt wear.
  • Silicone rubber encased heating elements are laminated to the extruded module for uniform and directional heat transfer.
  • Heaters are protected automatically against overheating in the event of any form of system failure.

Fincool™ Cooling Modules

After the heating section of the laminator, the belts and product are cooled in the cooling section. This facilitates rolling or stacking of the laminate. Cooling helps release the product from the belts, especially in applications such as film coating of fabrics. This section also cools the adhesives to anchor the plies so they don’t creep. Hot adhesives are liquid-like so they need to be set-up by cooling.

The cooling section consists of Glenro FinCool™ anodized extruded aluminum cooling modules through which chilled water is pumped. These modules are placed side-by-side to form continuous planes of cooling. They are positioned above the top belt and below the bottom belt and contact each directly. The extruded cooling channels inside the aluminum module are finned offering greater surface area for highly efficient heat transfer. The FinCool™ extruded modules reduce piping and tubing runs, thereby greatly lowering the possibility of leakage.

Glenro offers flatbed laminating machines with integrated cooling sections or with optional separate belts for cooling. Isolated cooling sections effectively increase line speeds because the temperature of the heating belts are allowed to remain at process heating temperatures.