Infrared & Flatbed Laminating Equipment

Add speed to your laminating process with infrared preheating. The rapid heating and cooling of Glenro's InfraBoost™! Preheaters makes them ideal for laminating applications.








Infrared Preheating & Powder Adhesive



Infrared preheating can be used to partially sinter powder adhesives prior to ply introduction.

  1. In this laminating line, a conveyor transports a foam substrate under a powder adhesive coater which evenly applies controlled amounts of dry powder adhesive.
  2. The coated product then passes through an infrared oven, which partially sinters the powder adhesive and anchors it to the substrate. Preheating results in higher production speeds and more even bonding due to the reduced possibility of powder shift.
  3. A center unwind station then unwinds the top fabric ply on top of the powder coated foam substrate.
  4. The materials then enter the flatbed laminating machine where heat and pressure are applied over a predetermined dwell time to achieve an excellent bond.
  5. The laminated product is then cooled and rewound.


Infrared Preheating & Insulating Materials



For highly insulative materials such as fibrous materials, foams and other cellular, air trapping materials, Glenro infrared preheating puts the heat at the interface where it is required prior to the plies joining at the laminator.



Infrared Preheating to Maximize Performance



In this application, Glenro infrared preheaters are incorporated to preheat both plies prior to entering the flatbed laminating machine. This preheating approach, in conjunction with independent cooling can substantially increase product throughputs.