Complete Flatbed Laminating Lines

If you are considering the installation of a new laminating process, Glenro can provide all of your equipment needs, as well as a process control system to supervise the operation. We have a wide range of pre-engineered material handling components, allowing us to offer Proven Solutions® with an Integrated Energy Delivery® System worthy of your new product laminating manufacturing line.

Working Together

Glenro provides engineering support and pilot line facilities to assist you in defining sensible performance criteria for your application. Let us work with you to develop your laminating process in our ConLam™ Pilot Testing Facility before you purchase laminating equipment.

Equipment & Services

  • Referrals to reliable dry adhesive (web, film, powder) manufacturers with whom Glenro works
    to meet your
    application needs
  • Service personnel ready to assist you with startup,
    training and maintenance
  • Material handling equipment
    • Center and surface unwinds
    • Web guides
    • Tension control
    • Spreader roll systems
    • Sheet handling
    • Center and surface rewinds
    • Accumulators
  • Adhesive handling equipment
    • Adhesive web let-offs
    • Adhesive powder coaters
  • Infrared preheaters for increased line speeds


Excellent Process Control

Multiple points of control on Glenro flatbed laminating lines enable efficient processing and top quality products.

  • Temperature control zoning in machine direction
  • Temperature control zoning across machine direction
  • Pneumatic pressure roller control with gauge
  • Gap setting between upper and lower belts
  • Pneumatic belt tensioning
  • Conveyor speed
  • Cool down cycle
  • Emergency belt reversal switching
  • Synchronous drive control with material handling equipment

Extended Dwell Time = Excellent Bond

The materials being laminated are sandwiched between the belts and subjected to heat and pressure, not just for a split second as in nip laminating, but for a long dwell time. Moreover, whereas nip laminating isolates the heat and pressure components of the lamination process, flatbed laminating applies heat and pressure to the materials and the dry adhesives simultaneously for the full length of the process zone. The added factor of time along with the simultaneous application of heat and pressure produces complete adhesive coverage without air gaps for a strong bond and eliminates wrinkling, often with less adhesive usage.

Eliminate Air Gaps = Excellent Bond

Glenro’s flatbed laminating machines were developed with the intention of eliminating or greatly reducing air gaps. Air gaps are one of the major causes of heating non-uniformity in a laminate. All aspects of Glenro’s flatbed laminating machines are designed to eliminate the possibility of generating insulating air gaps at the heater, the heater and belt interface, the belt and product interface, and between product plies. We accomplish this with a bonded three zone heater innovation eliminating heater element to heater housing gaps; a continuous long plane of heat on the top and bottom; and an adjustable pressure top heater bank/belt assembly that effectively “squeezes” out air gaps between product plies resulting in better heat penetration.