Heat Processing Pilot Facility

Innovative product manufacturers adopting emerging markets often uncover new heat processing challenges. Increasing line speeds and production efficiencies with existing equipment can slow business growth and product revenue. Glenro has been working with manufacturers since 1958 to face these challenges together by welcoming them to our pilot testing facility. Glenro commits its personnel and its facilities to developing sensible and useful process information that creatively satisfies new market and product manufacturing demands.

Helpful Resources

  • Sample Product Testing

    Sample Product Testing

    Glenro has testing facilities to quickly evaluate a heat processing application using sample products and materials provided by our customers.

  • Continuous Product Testing Facility

    Continuous Product Testing Facility

    Our doors and laboratory are always open to our customers.

  • Rental Program

    Rental Program

    Some heat processing applications are simply very difficult to replicate in a laboratory setting. In those situations, Glenro customers can work with us to conduct in plant testing with borrowed equipment.