Conveyorized Infrared Systems

Glenro's Proven Solutions® can result in a conveyorized infrared system. When your application is heating parts, sheet-fed materials, uncured products, printed circuit boards or webs that require tension-free conditions, Glenro can demonstrate, design and manufacture a reliable conveyorized system for you.

Latex Coating Dryer

Infrared & Air

This conveyorized infrared system dries a latex back coating on relax fabrics. The fabric was supported by the conveyor belt to eliminate any tension and deter shrinkage during the drying process.





Laminate Preheat System

Glenro Radplane® Rapid Response Infrared Heaters

Our Infraboost™ preheat systems are used to preheat powder and web adhesives, as well as other materials prior to laminating. The coated material or ply needing energy is conveyed under our preheat system prior to entering a Glenro flatbed laminating machine.





Shrink Wrapping System

Glenro Radplane® Rapid Response Infrared Heaters

Conveyorized system designed to shrink wrap packaging. Full access was provided by the clamshell design. The system was completely factory assembled and tested prior to shipment.