Gas Infrared Systems

Rapid response process performance is what you can expect with our gas infrared system designs. Glenro Radplane® Rapid Response Gas Infrared heater technologies provide process flexibility and controllability other gas infrared equipment cannot create.

Glenro gas infrared systems are factory assembled; meaning pre-piped and wired and installation ready when they arrive at your facility. Associated equipment, such as safety gas trains, combustion air skids and electronic control systems are also factory assembled and tested prior to shipment.

Adhesive Dryer

Featured with this preassembled horizontal design is center and edge control zones to provide temperature control across the width of a product supported by a pin tenter frame. This system was designed to dry a foamed adhesive on fabric.

The distribution piping provided allowed for only one natural gas and combustion air connection having to be made in the field.



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Coated Fabric Predryer

Glenro fabric predrying results in Proven Solutions® using our gas infrared technologies. In this application, textile fabrics dyed or chemically treated with finish were processed to improve the overall performance of an existing steam can range.

Illustrated are many standard system offerings.

  • Prepiped & Prewired
  • Structural Steel Support
  • Integral and Zoned Exhaust
  • Insulated Construction
  • Product Support
  • Convenient Access

Many vertical heat processing applications are serviced by heaters mounted in a staggered face to face position. Insulated filler panels fill spaces between heaters creating a well insulated construction that minimizes radiant losses to the surroundings. Our tight constructions also allow for reduced exhaust air volumes and better control which helps to reduce the operating costs of these systems and to increase overall operating efficiencies. The performance of Glenro gas infrared systems will increase your product revenues and margins.

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Associated Equipment


Safety Gas Trains
  • Prepiped and Assembled
  • FM or IRI Approved Designs


Combustion Air Skids
  • Factory Assembled & Supported
  • Single Point Field Connection




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Process Control Systems

Glenro Gas Infrared Systems are supervised by process control designs that provide supervisory flame safeties and safeguards, as well as temperature feedback control. The rapid response of the heaters affords many users the opportunity to incorporate product temperature feedback control; something not possible with older technologies that are slow to heat and cool and unable to quickly respond to changes in product loading.




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