Infrared Heatsetters & Postheat Systems

Postheating with infrared energy may be used to increase operating line speeds and product revenues. Since they take work away from the conventional systems in front of them, they create an opportunity to do more work in the space allotted for the process at an improved efficiency.

Yarn Heatsetter

Glenro Radplane® Rapid Response Infrared Heaters

Glenro developed this electric infrared system to heatset polyester yarn. A pneumatic system pivots the top open for easy access. The design promotes infrared reflectivity and controls unwanted air currents for even heatsetting and energy efficiency.

Controlling product temperature is critical. The infrared heating elements inside this heatsetter cool down very rapidly when the line stops to protect the product from overheating. Furthermore, this heatsetter incorporates an air knife that turns on automatically when power to the heater is disengaged to protect the product from residual heat.


Fabric Heatsetter

Glenro Radplane® Series 81 Electric Infrared Heaters

Glenro's infrared postheat systems heatset fabrics more efficiently and in less space than conventional ranges. Because the fabric is exposed to the radiant energy for only a few seconds, there is no danger of dyestuff color changes. Product protection on line stops is achieved by using our Radplane® Rapid Response heater technologies coupled with post purge cooling systems. Edge losses at the pins or clips of the tenter frame are compensated for by including center and selvage zone control across the width of the fabric.