Infrared Predryers & Preheat Systems

Radiation heat transfer is particularly effective for preheating and predrying applications. A Glenro infrared preheat system or predryer can substantially increase product throughput particularly when available space and other resources are limited.

Glenro Value Added Approach

  • We will demonstrate the value of this technology in our pilot line facilities
  • We will determine how much additional drying or curing work is possible given all the real world constraints
  • We will calculate your ROI and work with you to achieve an attractive justification for the new equipment

With textile finishing applications, as an example, infrared energy improperly applied can adversely affect the resultant hand of the fabric. How much is too much? Work with us to discover sensible technical and economical answers when considering the addition of this technology.


This graph illustrates the value of infrared predrying. Its addition effectively decreases the overall time needed to dry the product given a fixed conventional dryer length. With its addition, more line speed and product revenue per operating hour is the end result.



Infrared Predryers


Textile Fabric Predryer prior to Tenter Range

Glenro Radplane® Series 8038 Electric Infrared Heaters

This two pass textile fabric electric infrared predryer was designed to directly replace a traditional, slow-response, ceramic face gas infrared textile fabric predryer. The installation increased line speeds and product revenue. Reduced exhaust air volumes and feedback temperature control improved the overall operating efficiency and reliability of the process.





Elastic Fabric Predryer prior to Steam Cans

Glenro Radplane® Series 81 Electric Infrared Heaters

This predryer eliminated unwanted dye migration and improved final product color by supplementing the performance of an existing steam can finishing range.

Controlled exhaust, feedback temperature control across the width of the product and protection on line stops boosted overall operating efficiencies.





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Infrared Preheat Systems


Fabric Preheater prior to Fusing Oven

Glenro Radplane® Series 80 Electric Infrared Heaters

The pictured infrared preheat system preheated fabric prior to being saturated with a PVC coating. Preheating reduced residual moisture in the fabric and raised the product temperature to a uniform level resulting in a more uniform coating application and thus, a more uniform finished product exiting the conventional fusing oven.





Laminate Preheater prior to Embossing

Glenro Radplane® Series 81 Electric Infrared Heaters

Preheating prior to embossing with electric infrared is a long-standing Glenro Proven Solutions®. This system was designed to preheat a carpet/foam/vinyl backed laminate prior to embossing.



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