Specialty Infrared Systems

What can we say? We enjoy a challenge and appreciate our customers giving us new challenges and difficult heat processing applications. The following system illustrations not only represent unique infrared system designs, they represent Proven Solutions® successfully put into operation and made possible by sensible and creative cooperation between Glenro and its customers.

Dessert Anyone?

Glenro Bakery System

Time for dessert! And it was at 3 AM in the morning when this new depanning system was started up inside the bakery. This conveyorized system was designed to thaw the aluminum baking pans of specialty frozen desserts prior to packaging and delivering them to finer restaurants. The entire construction was made of stainless steel and it was completely wash-down. Medium wave quartz tube infrared heaters were positioned below the open mesh conveyor belt to warm the aluminum pans just enough to break the frost line and remove them while not overheating the finely decorated and iced dessert tops.



Annealing System

Glenro Conveyorized Infrared Heating & Cooling System

This conveyorized system was designed to heat and anneal PVC parts at a very controlled rate and then to cool the parts back down to room temperature prior to offloading. The infrared oven length measured 37 feet long. Ten zones of temperature control in the machine direction were incorporated to control the heating rate over a 2.5 minute residence time. The cooling section measured 75 feet in length. Chilled water coils were integrated and zoned to effectively provide cooling air to the product.