Narrow Product Infrared Heat Tunnels

Glenro’s infrared heat tunnels provide Proven Solutions® for heat processing narrow webs and fabrics, multi-pass fibers and tows, wire and other narrow product applications. Heat tunnels apply intense infrared energy to the product for uniform heating. Glenro offers standard heat tunnels, as well as custom designed units and complete infrared systems using this tunnel technology.

Heat Tunnel Model HT80XX

Glenro Radplane® Series 80 Electric Infrared Heater

This heat tunnel incorporates Glenro’s rapid response heater technology. It comes standard with an insulated enclosure that is hinged, providing easy access to its interior for product threading and maintenance, and a control system.

Optional Features

  • Air//Slot Module & Blower – provides process air or cooling air
  • Exhaust Hood – allows the enclosure to be exhausted
  • Product Temperature Measurement & Control – radiation pyrometer provided


Heat Tunnel Model HT4238XX-XX

Glenro Radplane® Series 8038 Electric Infrared Heater

This heat tunnel is designed with sinuated wire elements and heavy insulation for high temperature operation. It can process wider products or more passes of narrow products than the HT80XX design illustrated above.







Standard Heat Tunnel Specifications*

Model No. Heated Width Heated Length Power Voltage(s)
HT8005  5” (2 cm) 60” (24 cm) 7.5 kW 240/480 VAC
HT8012 12” (5 cm) 46” (18 cm) 16 kW 240/480 VAC
HT423816-12 16” (6 cm) 42” (16 cm) 12 kW 208/240/480/575 VAC
HT423823-27 23” (9 cm) 42” (16 cm)  27 kW 208/240/480/575 VAC

*Consult with a sales engineer for optional model, power and voltage ratings available.

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Vertical Heat Tunnel System

Glenro HT4238 Heat Tunnel

This vertical heat tunnel system included three high temperature heat tunnels and was designed to dry a water based coating on narrow fabrics. It replaced an existing system by increasing line speeds 6X. Heated make-up air delivered to the bottom of the unit and exhaust hoods at the top were provided.

Access to the system interior was provided by pneumatic retraction. A temperature feedback process control system is also illustrated.





Horizontal Heat Tunnel System

Glenro HT4238 Heat Tunnel

Annealing or stress relieving a cast nylon film was the application for this horizontal high temperature heat tunnel system. The design included pneumatic access for product threading and structural steel support of the unit, as well as the control enclosure. The entire system was factory assembled, tested and portable.







Tire Cord Heat Conditioner

Glenro HT8005 Heat Tunnel

This standard heat tunnel was designed to heat condition tire cord. It processed 17 light denier ends running side by side on 1/4” centers.



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Heat Tunnel Applications

  • Dry coatings on flat braid for electrical tape.
  • Dry coatings on narrow fabrics.
  • Heat-set narrow fabrics.
  • Dry printing on narrow webs.
  • Cure striping on cable.
  • Heat-activate adhesives.
  • Heat fiber tow.
  • Heat or cure extruded products such as tubing, wire insulation, body-side molding or gaskets.
  • Dry adhesives for label stock.
  • Dry fiber optics.
  • Preheat wire prior to extrusion.
  • Dry fluoropolymer coatings on yarn, thread, roving
    and cordage.
  • Dry coatings on metals.

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