Infrared & Convection Process Heating Systems

Glenro is expert when combining infrared and convection heating technologies. As an example, the combination of our Radplane® Series Rapid Response Electric Infrared Heaters with Ambient Air Impingement revolutionized water based coating heat processing applications.

We have developed many successful processes for new product developments within emerging market areas, as well as improved process efficiencies for many established product manufacturing applications. Our competitors are wary because our successes prove that Glenro truly pioneered many integrated energy technologies.

Web Press Dryer

Electric Infrared & Hot Air Impingement &
Conductive Cooling

This system integrated hot air impingement with electric infrared heaters between the nozzles to remove residual solvent from an ink printed on film. The temperature limitation of the film was addressed by a water cooled drum to eliminate any distortion while heating.





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Synthetic Paper Dryer

Electric Infrared & Laminar Air This horizontal infrared and air system heat treated multiple webs prior to calendaring.


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Integrated Energy Delivery® System

Gas Infrared Predryer & Arched Impingement Dryer
Infrared preheating or predrying is a very effective way to increase line speeds when floor space is limited. They compliment the performance of conventional drying systems; whether the dryer is existing or new, as in this illustration.


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Fabric Dryer

Electric Infrared & Ambient Air Impingement
The use of ambient air impingement with infrared works to protect heat sensitive materials while effectively drying water based coatings without skinning or blistering. The value of this technology can be easily demonstrated in our pilot testing facilities.


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