Integrated Energy Delivery® Systems

Process efficiency…higher product margins…reduced costs. Improving process efficiency means doing more with less. If you are a converter or other product manufacturer looking for a way to increase product throughput on an existing line or exploring a new equipment installation with physical or economical restraints, Glenro has the resources and the process experience to demonstrate and validate the value of integrating technologies.

If you explore our applications, you will discover many Proven Solutions® using integrated equipment designs. Contact us to discuss your application and discover the possibilities.

Thermal Oxidizers

Integrated Heat Processing Technologies

  • Radiation & Convection
  • Radiation & Conduction
  • Radiation & Convection & Conduction
  • Heat Recovery Technologies

Typical Integrated Equipment Offerings

  • Infrared & Convection Process Heating Systems
  • Process Heating Systems & Thermal Oxidizers with Heat Recovery
  • Process Heating Systems with Material Handling Equipment
  • Flatbed Laminators with Material Handling Equipment
  • Infrared & Flatbed Laminating Technologies
  • Integrated Process Equipment Control Systems