Services for Laminate Manufacturers

Glenro’s flatbed laminating systems offer a compact and affordable Proven Solutions® for manufacturers of many laminated products. With our flatbed technology we can help you develop your laminating process to optimize your product quality and your profitability.

Glenro provides engineering support and pilot line facilities to assist you in defining sensible performance criteria for your application. Let us work with you to develop your laminating process in our ConLam™ Contract Manufacturing Pilot Testing Facility before you purchase any laminating equipment.

Typical Laminated Product Applications

  • • Medical disposables
  • • Filter media
  • • Textile laminates
  • • Automotive interior laminates
  • • Geotextiles
  • • Nonwoven binders
  • • Breathable laminates
  • • Floppy disk liners
  • • Fusible interliners
  • • Building panels
  • • FR materials
  • • Upholstery laminates
  • • Acoustic panels and webs
  • • Seat covers
  • • Window treatments
  • • Office partitions
  • • Vapor barriers for underlayments
  • • Floor treatments
  • • Intimate apparel laminates
  • • Apparel fusing
  • • Nonwoven consolidation
  • • Leather to foam or fabric
  • • Camping equipment
  • • Shoe innersoles
  • • Commercial flooring
  • • Fuel Cells



Laminate fabric-to-fabric, foam, nonwovens, etc. with powder, film and web adhesives integrating our material handling and flatbed laminating machine designs.
Preheat dry adhesives and plies prior to laminating to increase performance and product throughputs in conjunction with a Glenro Flatbed Laminating Machines.
Complete laminating process solutions are available. Developed and proven from pilot testing in our facilities through start up and commissioning after installation.