Laminating Process Lines

Are you looking to improve your current method of laminating your product or to maximize efficiency of your existing laminating process lines? At Glenro, our flatbed laminating machines and process lines are specially designed for clients who need to achieve the very best in laminated product quality.

Our ConLam™ pilot testing facility allows clients to test-drive our laminator machine technology to determine which design and features are best-suited to their application. Once we’ve proven the design and produced sellable product, your level of investment becomes one that has minimized risk and is of appropriate scale.

We’re pleased to offer systems that work to produce quality technical textiles, non-wovens, filtration, automotive interiors, fabric and foam products — but the list doesn’t stop there. Glenro laminating process lines are used to make many other laminates as well, including honeycomb structures and other rigid and semi-rigid products.

Why Glenro?

  • We guarantee performance relative to our clients' process criteria & objectives
  • Glenro sales engineers are direct employees who possess the process experiences our clients have come to depend on when tackling a new or unique product manufacturing opportunity
  • The strength of our experience dates to our founding in 1958
  • The reach of our business stretches across the world