Medical Manufacturing

Drying finishes on medical nonwovens, heat treating medical tubing, catheters and drying transdermal patch adhesives are representative applications for which Glenro has created Proven Solutions®. We invite you to work with us in our process development laboratory to discover Proven Solutions® for your medical manufacturing process.


  • Extruded silicone medical tubing


  • Adhesives on transdermal delivery systems
  • Coatings on medical packaging, membranes, assays, surgical films, wound dressings
    and implants
  • Water from nonwoven webs (wipes, surgical gowns)
  • Finishes on medical nonwovens
  • Polymer coatings on catheters
  • Dry and sinter PTFE tubing


  • Heat-shrink FEP extrusion on catheters
  • Heat-shrink tubing on catheters
  • Heat-treat catheters


  • Laminate textiles and nonwovens for medical fabrics
  • Thermal-bond nonwoven webs
Dry: Adhesives on transdermal delivery systems
Heat: Heat-shrink tubing on catheters
Heat: Heat-treat catheters