Paper, Film and Foil Converting

Maximum productivity...Excellent product quality... High energy efficiency... Intelligent use of available space. Coaxing the best performance from a converting line is our expertise. At Glenro, each day, we help converters meet their heat processing challenges. What we supply depends on what you need and what you value. We will start with an interactive evaluation of your heat processing requirements and then together with you generate cost-effective solutions. We will help quantify your profitability and give you the information to sell your project to management. Whether you need to retrofit infrared to an existing line or build a new line, talk with Glenro. You will discover that we have Proven Solutions® for the heat processing requirements of converting applications.


  • Dry and cure coatings on paper and film webs (unprinted rolls, flexible packaging, tapes, labels and paperboard)
  • PSAs, laminating adhesives and heat seal coatings
  • Printing
  • Silicone release coatings on paper webs
  • Overprint coatings, barrier coatings and primer coatings


  • Coatings on webs with infrared energy prior to conventional systems to increase line speeds


  • 100% solids PVC inks on paper
  • Phenolic resin on paper


  • Wall coverings, vinyl, paper and film webs prior to embossing or laminating
  • Scrim prior to extrusion coating
  • UV coatings on paper to improve flow out and gloss


  • With infrared after a dryer to initiate curing
  • Reactivate adhesives
  • Maintain product temperature at nip for better bonding in laminating applications
  • Anneal film and vinyl


Dry: Water based printing inks on paper, film or foil

Predry: Coatings on webs with infrared heat prior to drying in a hot air dryer increase line speeds
Preheat: With fast response electric infrared heaters for a variety of converting preheat applications
Postheat: With infrared after a dryer to initiate curing