Radplane® Series Rapid Response Gas Infrared Heaters

Radplane Series Quartz Tube Electric Infrared Heaters

Glenro gas infrared heaters produce intense, uniform medium wave infrared energy and are ideal for predrying, drying, sintering, or heating heavy product loadings. They can develop surface temperatures up to 1600F, with up to 56,000 BTU per square foot of radiant surface. If you need high energy input in short dwell times and tight spaces, Glenro gas infrared heaters are Proven Solutions®. When turned off, the heaters lose heat so rapidly your product wont be damaged by residual heat on line stops, and our gas infrared heaters reach operating temperature in seconds on startup preventing delays. This rapid response heater technology affords the end user the opportunity to incorporate closed loop product temperature feedback control to produce product uniformly and reliably.

Two styles of gas infrared heaters are offered; air cooled and non-air cooled. The non-air cooled design includes an insulated plenum construction that protects the perimeter seal of the heater face from overheating and failing. The air cooled design is not insulated and requires additional air to cool the perimeter seal of the heater face.

Similar to the Series 81 Rapid Response Electric Infrared Heater design, these heaters can also be zoned across machine direction to provide center and edge zone control of wider products.

For applications in which this gas infrared heater technology is a good fit, it would be uncommon for an end user to simply purchase heaters. Most of our gas infrared heaters are provided as part of an infrared system; inclusive of combustion control components, distribution piping, electrical wiring, flame safeties, ignition systems, support and enclosures. Contact us to discuss how this heater can be utilized in a custom designed infrared system for your application.