Radplane® Series Rapid Response Electric Infrared Heaters

Radplane Series Rapid Response

This series of high efficiency electric infrared heaters emit infrared energy across a broad band of medium to long wavelengths. Such wavelengths are easily absorbed by most products and accomplish predrying, drying, curing, preheating and other process heating tasks. Radplane® industrial infrared heaters offer a high conversion efficiency of electrical power input to usable infrared energy, saving operating costs. Resistive metal infrared heating elements are mounted on high temperature insulation backings and radiate directly at the product for efficient radiation heat transfer. Our infrared heating elements are made of corrugated ribbon foil, expanded metal or sinuated wire (Series 8038), depending on the electrical configuration and energy requirements of your application.

Our open element heater design, without ceramic, quartz or glass faces inhibiting the transfer of energy to your products, deliver rapid starts using less energy. The heater elements heat and cool very rapidly; reaching typical operating temperatures in just a few seconds and dropping below any destructive surface temperature just as quickly when power is shut off- thus the name “Rapid Response”.

Often our heater designs include integral air flow (Series 82/85) to assist in drying applications. For wider products, flexible element spacing and the ability to form edge and center zones (Series 81) assure uniform heating across machine direction. When coupled with closed loop feedback controls, the heater element or product temperature is precisely controlled to give consistent and high quality results.

Typical Range of Operating Specifications:

Wavelength Temperature Watt Density Voltage
Medium to Long 1700°F to 850°F 2 kW/ft2 to 5 kW/ft2 115 VAC to 600 VAC
2.4 µ to 4 µ 925°C to 450°C 2 W/cm2 to 6 W/cm2 50 Hertz or 60 Hertz


Integral Air Flow


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Edge and Center Zones

For wider product heating applications, it is common to design a heater with elements running in the machine direction and then to electrically zone the elements to create well defined center and edge zones. Elements can be skewed to provide even more uniform product heating.



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Closed Loop Feedback Controls

Heater Temperature Feedback Control
Infrared heaters can include element mounted thermocouples to provide feedback temperature control of the energy source, as well as high-limit temperature protection of more heat sensitive products.

Product Temperature Feedback Control
Fast response heater designs afford the use of closed loop product temperature feedback control. Power to the heaters is precisely regulated to maintain a uniform and repeatable product surface temperature. No more operator guesswork is required.



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