Steps Within the Manufacturing Process Using Recycled Plastic

The manufacturing process with recycled plastic involves the transformation of discarded plastic into a product that can be reused in manufacturing. 

Sorting of Waste Plastic

Manufacturing with recycled plastic starts with sorting the waste plastic collected by recycling companies. The collected plastic is separated by type. German scientists have developed a photoexcitation technique to identify plastics by type. This technique allows for automation in the sorting process.

Cleaning of Sorted Plastic

The separated types of plastic are then cleaned i.e., labels and other impurities are removed. The cleaned plastic is then cut into small pellets that are packaged into bags and prepared for testing. Bags of the shredded plastic are tested for identification purposes and labeling. At this point, the plastic is known as rGrade plastic. This rGrade plastic can be reused in manufacturing by adding virgin plastic.

Melting and Extrusion of Plastic

Finally, the plastic is melted and extruded to form a pellet shape that can be used to make end products.

Want to Learn More About the Manufacturing Process with Recycled Plastics?

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