Is Recycled Plastic Suitable for Your Manufacturing Project? Properties and End Products from Recycled Plastic

Plastic composites such as carbon fiber are widely used in many products such as spacecraft parts, fishing rods, golf club shafts and auto bodies. This widespread use leads to the eventual creation of significant quantities of carbon fiber waste. Glenro partners with companies that recycle carbon fiber and other plastics to manufacture diverse products.

Recycled plastic composites can be used to make many products such as car seats, railroad ties, I-beams and boards. Recycled plastic composites tend to cost less, require less maintenance, have longer productive lives and be more environmentally friendly than materials such as plywood, MDF (medium density fibreboard) and concrete.

Recycled Plastic Properties

The properties of recycled plastic can include:

  • Durability
  • Light weight
  • High strength
  • Rust resistance

Some Recycled Plastic End Products

Recycled fiber glass can be used in asphalt, plastic wood products and roofing tar

Recycled carbon fiber can be used to make phone cases, laptop cases and bottle cages in bicycles.

Glenro and Manufacturing with Recycled Plastics

Glenro engineers support manufacturing with recycled plastics by offering services such as lamination and drying. Glenro has been serving manufacturers for over 60 years with its knowledge of industrial heating technology. Consult our engineers to learn how we can make your vision of manufacturing products with recycled plastics a reality.