Is Silicone Rubber Appropriate for Your Manufacturing Project? Silicone Rubber Processing, Properties and Applications

As the name implies, silicone rubber is a material similar to rubber (an elastomer). It is made from silicone, which in turn is made from silicon, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Silicone Rubber Properties

Silicone rubber has properties such as:

  • Chemical resistance to many substances such as oils, water, acids and bases
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures – silicone rubber can be unaffected by a temperature range as wide as 600 degrees Fahrenheit to -160 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet light and ozone
  • Does not produce the toxic by-products of combustion

Some Silicone Rubber End-Products

  • Electronics – cables, cable terminations, contact mats, keyboards, EMI applications
  • Medical products – tubing for feeding and drainage, ear plugs and hearing aids, balloon catheters, compression bars, valves
  • Textiles – waterproofing treatments
  • Personal care – antiperspirants, lipstick, moisturizers, laundry products
  • Aerospace – space suit fabrics, seals and gaskets, boots

Glenro and Silicone Rubber Processing

Glenro engineers play a critical role in the making of silicone rubber based products by services such as curing, drying and heating silicone. Glenro has been supporting manufacturers for more than six decades with its expertise in industrial heating technology. Our engineers are qualified to partner with you to guide your silicone rubber manufacturing project with respect to process and equipment. Contact us to get started.