Thermal Oxidizers

Thermal Oxidizers

Even before the 1990 Clean Air Act, Glenro has been supporting a clean environment. Glenro has developed and integrated green technologies into its equipment designs to help reduce global warming and total green house gas emissions. When a thermal oxidizer is required to prevent the emission of hydrocarbon solvent vapors (VOCs) into the atmosphere, we also look for ways to recover as much energy as possible and redirect it to the manufacturing process. By coupling our oxidizers to our process drying or curing systems, CO2 emissions are significantly reduced.

  • Waste Heat Boilers (Steam)
  • Waste Heat Generators (Electricity)
  • Air to Air Heat Exchangers (Process and Comfort Heat)
  • Air to Water Heat Exchangers (Hot Water)

These are examples of green technologies that can increase product margins by reducing manufacturing costs while protecting the environment.

Glenro would like to provide an Integrated Energy Delivery® System that would power a solvent-based process dryer with the heat recovered from a thermal oxidizer. This solution saves energy while maintaining compliance with clean air requirements and provides full controllability of the process dryer. Each of the product links illustrates this concept.

Guaranteed Oxidizer Performance

Each Glenro system comes with a guaranteed destruction performance when operated in accordance with the defined process criteria.