Thermal Oxidizer Applications

VOC Destruction

  • Drying solvent based coatings, adhesives, inks, finishes and saturants on paper, film, nonwoven, fabric, carpet, foil and steel webs
  • Textile dyeing, printing and finishing lines
  • Solvent-laden exhaust air streams from hot air dryers and infrared dryers
  • Drying solvent based coatings on fiber optics, yarns, wire and cable
  • Drying printing inks on webs and sheets
  • Drying solvent based primers and adhesives on polyester cords
  • Laminating applications
  • Solvent based medical adhesive coating lines

Smoke & Odor Abatement

  • Smoke emissions from textile heat setters
  • Reduce odors from an exhaust air stream
  • Eliminate visible smoke from fiberglass heat cleaning ovens, from weaving oils and starch size operations