Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

For applications where VOC concentration levels in the process exhaust is relatively high and secondary heat recovery is viable, Glenro usually recommends recuperative thermal fume oxidizers. This oxidizer design is also a good choice if process air flows and solvents vary. Because they are designed for minimum fuel consumption with exhaust heat recuperation, direct fired thermal oxidizers have the potential to provide outstanding destruction efficiencies (typically 95% to 98%) at a reasonable operating cost and provide substantial energy for use with secondary heat recovery technologies to service other processes and applications elsewhere in the facility.




Principle of Operation

VOC laden exhaust air is ducted to the thermal oxidizer system, passing through a primary heat exchanger and then into the oxidizer combustion chamber. The preheated exhaust air then passes across an auxiliary burner and is heated to a temperature controlled oxidation temperature suitable for the VOCs in the process. The air is held at that temperature for a sufficient length of time to insure conversion of the hydrocarbons to harmless products of combustion (H2O, CO2). As part of the oxidation process, the VOCs in the exhaust air release heat upon combustion which adds sufficient energy to the system to allow the temperature controlled fuel valve to throttle back and be used only to trim to the preset operating temperature.



Recovered Heat Saves Energy

A recuperative oxidation system can become a source of considerable energy for use throughout the plant. By use of secondary heat exchangers, boilers, generators and the like, energy is available for process or plant make up air, steam generation, electricity generation, hot water heating and other recovery. Glenro recuperative oxidizers with added heat recovery systems present relatively short ROI time periods that make them economically viable for most manufacturing facilities.

For applications in which secondary heat recovery opportunities are limited, Glenro can integrate additional process control and drying technologies to minimize exhaust air flows and maximize solvent concentration levels. Both actions can substantially decrease the size of oxidizer required and thus, your initial capital investment and daily operating costs.

Integrated Energy DeliveryŽ System with Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer