Regenex™ Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO)

A Glenro regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) may be the Proven Solutions® to your air pollution problems...

  • for low VOC concentration applications where a catalyst cannot be used because of catalyst-destroying chemicals in the solvent mixture.
  • when it is uneconomical to have the recurring cost of catalyst replacement.
  • or, when application flexibility is required due to many products
  • with different solvent mixtures and exhaust air volumes running on the same line.

An RTO consists of two or more heat exchangers connected by a common combustion chamber. The heat exchangers consist of beds filled with media that will allow air to pass while serving as a mass to store heat.

Glenro's Regenex™ RTOs come in either two or three bed configurations. The two bed units offer a reasonably priced, modular design that achieves greater than 95% VOC destruction with high heat recovery. They are housed in a single compact box minimizing the overall footprint.

Principle of Operation

  1. The VOC laden air stream enters the first heat exchange bed and passes directly through the media where it is preheated en route to the combustion chamber. Here a burner adds any heat necessary to reach optimum combustion temperature and complete the oxidization process.
  2. The now clean air stream next enters a second heat exchange bed. It passes directly through the media where the stream is cooled while heating the media before being exhausted to atmosphere.
  3. The flow through the heat exchange beds is reversed at regular intervals to conserve the heat of combustion within the RTO. Depending on the application, up to 95% of the heat combustion can be recovered and recycled representing huge fuel savings.

For applications that require guaranteed 99%+ VOC destruction efficiency Glenro offers a three heat exchange bed RTO. For maximum performance nothing beats the three bed design. Glenro three bed RTOs offer a compact modular design.

Both two and three bed units are shipped pre-assembled, including control cabinets, piping and wiring reducing installation time and overall project costs.

All Glenro Regenex™ RTOs feature state-of-the-art controls including modems to enable the use of telemetry. Through the use of telemetry, Glenro can remotely monitor the operation and process variables of each oxidizer to offer exceptional product support and to further optimize oxidizer performance.

Integrated Energy Delivery® System with Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer.