Tubing Extrusions for Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and Home Applications

Whether manufacturing tubing extrusion for home, automotive, aerospace, medical, or other industrial applications, our clients can be confident that Glenro fully understands how to properly dry, heat, cure and convey these thermoplastic extrusions. Unique applications and uses for these types of products are continually being developed and improved. Glenro is privileged to be on the front line helping its clients gain market share profitably. With more than 60 years of process and design-build experience providing industry-leading heating solutions for continuous product manufacturers, it should come as no surprise that Glenro offers the best available tubing extrusion systems for these particular markets and industries.

Glenro’s RADROUND® Infrared Heater has been the preferred choice on extruded silicone rubber and fluoropolymer tubing lines for decades. The unique cylindrical shape provides a heating performance second to none. While the heater’s rugged construction makes it quite suitable for any manufacturing setting, it is not uncommon to find our heaters quietly producing medical grade tubing inside a clean room. The polished and smooth heater interior makes it a very pleasing radiator and easy to clean. Our heater is designed to work in any orientation or arrangement; horizontal, vertical, multi-pass or conveyorized. Glenro’s process experience coupled with its clients’ product knowledge will create a complete process solution guaranteed to perform.

Don’t compromise when it comes to quality and performance. Contact us to discuss your application needs. If we decide a standard, advertised Glenro product or machine design does not quite “fit” your process needs or within the constraints, a customized solution can be offered. Glenro is an original equipment manufacturer and owns its engineering and fabrication services, in addition to its registered heating technologies. Call on Glenro for your turnkey solution.

Why Glenro?

  • We guarantee performance relative to our clients' process criteria & objectives
  • Glenro sales engineers are direct employees who possess the process experiences our clients have come to depend on when tackling a new or unique product manufacturing opportunity
  • The strength of our experience dates to our founding in 1958
  • The reach of our business stretches across the world