New Remote Access System from Glenro Improves Reliability of Industrial Lamination Equipment Plus Reduces Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Service, and Support Costs 

Summary: Utilizing Internet-based protocol, the Glenro Remote Access System (RAS) provides for secure process diagnostics and troubleshooting of industrial lamination equipment located virtually anywhere in the world. Available for Glenro laminating machines and certain other heat process equipment, the Remote Access System can simplify preventative maintenance and improve machine up-time—plus reduce costs associated with firmware updates, service, troubleshooting, and repair.
The Remote Access System can connect remote lamination machine applications via secure VPN either to Glenro application specialists at the Glenro factory—or to a corporation’s own lamination laboratory and/or lamination specialists. “Only-when-needed” connections are made directly to the lamination machine via the Internet and remote router.

PATERSON, NEW JERSEY – February 11, 2015.  Glenro, Inc. of Paterson, New Jersey introduced today a new lamination machine remote diagnostics and troubleshooting system. Designated the Glenro Remote Access System (RAS), the new Glenro system permits off-site monitoring of important laminating machine parameters and functions. The system can communicate from the remote lamination application to either Glenro applications specialists—or to one or more of the user corporation’s own remote facilities.
The Remote Access System permits:
•    Remote verification of correct operation of all sensors and switches
•    Remote verification of operation of all input and output modules
•    Remote viewing of PID graphs
•    Remote adjustment of PID process control variables for temperature and tracking operations
•    Remote data acquisition and troubleshooting
•    Remote changes to software and firmware
•    Maximum machine up-time
•    Minimal on-site service requirements

The Glenro Remote Access System (RAS) provides for communication between Glenro and the remote equipment PLC/HMI network via secure VPN. Since connection is via the Internet and not the user corporation’s network, in most cases firewall access is not required. All RAS packages include necessary connection cables and appropriate industrial routers and gateways that utilize Ethernet IP / SLC 5/05/PROFINET/MODBUS.

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