NEW! Glenro Cantilevered Multi-Unwind & Rewind System


System Features:

·         Auto Edge Control, accurate to +/- 1 mm

·         Auto Jog, material automatically advances when pulled over load cell roll

·         Auto Run Mode, unwinds start tension control automatically when tension set point is reached

·         Completely Configurable

o        Cantilevered Load Cell

o        Tension Set Point

o        PID Controlled

·         Each winder can be:

o        Enabled or disabled

o        Unwind or rewind

o        Under-wind or over-wind

o        Taper on or off

o        Side-lay enabled or disabled







Use with narrow webs:

·         Up to 18” wide

·         20” Roll Diameters

·         100 lb Roll Weight (illustrated)


Glenro material handling solutions, like this new system, can be provided with our heat processing equipment. Whether you are consolidating multiple webs prior to lamination or in need of less complex roll to roll material handling components, Glenro will work with you to develop reliable and repeatable Proven Solutions®  for your material handling and heat processing applications.


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