Yarns, Threads, Tows, Fibers and Strapping

Glenro has used product testing in our laboratory and on site at our customers’ manufacturing facilities to develop unique and cost effective technologies for heat processing yarns, threads, tows, fibers and other synthetic products. We have successful equipment installations ranging from high-efficiency infrared systems to conventional hot air impingement dryers. Working with us typically presents an opportunity to generate higher product revenues and decreased manufacturing costs.


  • Strapping adhesives
  • Wax on polymer strapping
  • Yarn skeins
  • Coatings on warp yarns
  • PTFE dispersion coatings on braid
  • Dye on thread
  • Dry and Cure water-based coatings on threads and yarns
  • Dry and Cure bonding adhesive on fiberglass roving



  • Bond and Heat stretch synthetic thread
  • Heatset polyester yarns
  • Orient polyester strapping
  • Condition tire cord






Dry: Wax on polymer strapping
Dry: Dry and Cure water-based coatings on threads and yarns

Predry: Size finish on filament warp yarns (slasher predryer)
Predry: Predry and Dry sizing on carbon fiber tows
Heat: Heatset polyester yarns
Heat: Orient polyester strapping
Heat: Condition tire cord